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Create the Future In Which You Want to Live

We believe the fastest way to create the world in which we want to live is through strategic acquisitions. 

If you are looking to:

   - Grow your company through M&A

   - Sell your company

   - Invest in great companies

...perhaps there's an opportunity for us to work together.

(**Know About a Business for Sale? We pay generous finder's fees**)

We are currently looking to invest in or acquire:

- Advertising / Marketing

- Small Business Services

- Home Services / Home Improvement

- E-Commerce

- Manufacturing

- Websites

- Print / Online Newsletters

- And More!

No deal too big or too small!

Let us know. Click on the button below to contact us. 

Who Are We?

Dan Pine


Mike Cynar


We've been in business together since 2013 and have learned quite a bit along the journey. We each play to our strengths, and together we make a killer team, covering a broad spectrum of business experience and knowledge. 

Together, we built a 7-figure organic lead generation business from zero across dozens of B2B and B2C markets, firmly establishing us among top experts in SEO and lead generation.

While 7-figures sounds great, at the end of the day, it's about what you keep - not how much you make in top-line revenue. 

Well, we have 67% profit margins in that business. I think you'd be hard-pressed to find too many other 7-figure businesses with those type of margins. 

And even if the money is great, who wants a business that owns them 80 hours a week?

Well, if we were both hospitalized and in comas, God forbid, our income likely wouldn't start to dip for a full 365 days

Yep, we could be out of commission for a year and our business would still put money in our bank accounts like clockwork

As you might imagine, that flexibility gave us the freedom to start pursuing other business avenues, and MD Investors Group was born. 

Ever since, we've been strategically investing in businesses we see the potential to scale up quickly and either enjoy long-term cash flow, or exit for a nice profit. 

Mike comes from strong sales and sales management background, building sales teams at two separate companies to $40M and $100M, respectively, before starting his first business in 2006. 

After discovering the world of direct response online marketing in 2003, Dan went on to become the secret weapon for Direct Response Copywriting and Marketing Funnel Strategy for some of the most successful high-ticket online product and service campaigns.

And sometimes, we get to learn from amazing people like this:

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